Risk Free Workplace's Approach

Our philosophy at Risk Free Workplace is one of empowering our customers with the knowledge to ultimately gain control over their safety risks. Risk Free Workplace has always identified that simply improving safety around plant and equipment will only partially reduce the risk. It is critical that we also consider the workforce to fully assess system safety.

It is well understood that people are ergonomically different in all aspects of height, observation skills, and reaction times just to name a few. What may be considered safe for one person may not translate to a safe working environment for another. With this in mind Risk Free Workplace ensures that all aspect of the work environment is understood and appreciated as part of the audit process.

The level of thoroughness extends throughout the audit process including the identification of not only non-conformances, safety issues and the like but also those aspects that are acknowledged as good examples of safe practices. It is vitally important that all positive accomplishments are well recognised and commended. A report that has positive aspects to it will also add to a company's objective evidence that efforts have been made in respect to safety and this should be given the recognition that it deserves.

During the audit, the auditor will assess each and every non-conformance and will apply an individual risk rating to assist in the determination of its priority for action. This is a vital step in determining the final action list, budgeting and priority setting as part of the final audit objectives.

Finally, the auditor will provide an estimate of the materials and labour required to implement the solutions and gain conformance status. This step when combined with the risk rating allows for the setting of priorities and budget estimates which then easily flow through to implementation planning and execution.


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